Take a moment and imagine your perfect dj experience. Having a great time is probably at the top of your list because it is at the top of pretty much everyone's list. "That is something I really strive to create," says Peter, owner of Peter Ford Entertainment. "Making sure everyone is enjoying themselves is my top priority." Peter has been DJing and facilitating events for over a decade. He has traveled all over the North West, and down as far as Oakland for a variety of different events. He has DJed countless weddings, school dances, anniversary parties and birthdays. He has announced horse racing events, ran large casino parties and has created many unique events based on each individuals needs. He is a natural on the mic and does an incredible job of captivating his audience. He spends much of his free time thinking about how his clients can have the most enjoyable time possible. He values the importance of professionalism but isn't afraid to have a good time. He understands the dynamic of creating fun and memorable experiences. "I believe a true DJ caters to his audience," he says with confidence. "Anyone off the street can push play on an ipod or guess which songs might work." Peter sees it as an art though and loves the feeling of making people truly happy. If you're looking for a stylish, down-to-earth DJ/MC who takes pride in what he does, Peter Ford is your man.

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